A Slew of New Electric Vehicles is Making News

Christian Wardlaw | Jan 20, 2021

Several electric vehicles (EVs) are making news this week as some automakers expand upon existing and confirmed plans while others add new entries. Perhaps the most interesting of the recent round of newsworthy EVs is the Mercedes-Benz EQA 250 (shown here).

JDPA_Mercedes-Benz EQA 250 White Front Quarter View

The new EQA 250 is a compact crossover SUV based on the existing GLA 250, and it promises to hit the sweet spot in terms of size, configuration, and price. At this time, however, there is no confirmation that it’s coming to America.

Listed below in alphabetical order, you’ll find a quick roundup of what’s happening with each EV that’s made news in recent days.

BMW M EV - Find the best car deals!

BMW has already revealed the new 2022 iX, an electric crossover SUV. Soon to come, the BMW i4 is a new performance sedan that will undoubtedly use the same platform, battery, and motors as the iX, but in a sleeker and less useful form. 

Now, in advance of the BMW M division’s 50th anniversary, an electric BMW M performance car is on the way. That’s what Markus Flasch, chairman of the board of BMW M, is reportedly saying. Whether that takes the form of the iX, the i4, or some other vehicle remains to be seen.

Chevrolet Bolt EUV - Find the best car deals!

Chevrolet continues to tease its upcoming Bolt EUV, a larger and more practical electric vehicle tucked under its Bolt sub-brand. 

We know the Bolt EUV should offer around 250 miles of driving range, have more passenger and cargo space than the Bolt EV, and offer a Super Cruise Level 2+ advanced driving assistance system (ADAS). Based on teaser images, it will also look different from the standard Bolt EV.

Lincoln Corsair-E - Find the best car deals!

Last year, shortly after the start of the pandemic, Lincoln canceled a planned EV project. Now, according to a report by Reuters, the company is working on an electric version of the Corsair compact crossover SUV. The new Lincoln Corsair-E is reportedly arriving for the 2026 model year, and it will sit on a dedicated EV platform.

In the meantime, the delayed Corsair Grand Touring plug-in hybrid electric vehicle should go on sale for the 2022 model year.

Mercedes-Benz EQA 250 - Find the best car deals!

Looking much like the Mercedes GLA 250 on which it is based, the new Mercedes EQA 250 is an electric variant of the company’s smallest crossover SUV. It has unique design elements, a lower coefficient of drag, and, of course, an electric powertrain.

At first, the EQA will have a single electric motor driving the front wheels, a 66.5 kWh battery, and a WLTP range rating of 264 miles. Later, an all-wheel-drive variant will arrive with improved performance, and a long-range battery will offer 310 miles of electric travel on a single charge, according to the WLTP cycle. 

Porsche Taycan Base Trim - Find the best car deals!

Do you love the idea of owning a Porsche Taycan but can’t swing the six-figure price tag? Well then, aren’t you lucky? A new rear-drive version of the Taycan is on sale, and the price lands just under $80,000 (without the $1,350 destination charge). 

Of course, it seems like everything is extra, so by the time you add sparkly paint, a decent set of wheels, and a Race-Tex leather-free interior, you’re closing back in on a $100,000 Taycan. But still, if in your mind there is no substitute for a Porsche, then this new entry-level version will put a smile on your face.

The automakers and trusted publications are the source of information for this article. It was accurate on January 20, 2021, but it may have changed since that date.

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