Honda Teases 2023 Civic Type R

Chris Teague | Oct 04, 2021

The new 2022 Honda Civic and Honda Civic Hatchback are just starting to hit dealers’ lots, but enthusiasts are waiting for more news about the popular cars. Honda has been tight-lipped about plans for the performance-oriented Civic Si and hotrod Civic Type R, but the automaker just released teaser images of a heavily camouflaged new Type R on its way to testing at the Nürburgring.

2023 Honda Civic Type R Camo Red Front Quarter View

Camouflage is nothing new for concept cars and pre-release models out on public roads for testing, but Honda’s camo for the new Civic is unique. The automaker covered its new Type R with prints of previous models to help hide its body lines.

We can’t see the whole picture here, but it’s clear that Honda took a more toned-down approach with the design of the new Civic Type R. Red Brembo brakes and Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires sit at each corner, and the car retains its tri-tip exhaust. We don’t see the dozens of scoops and fake air vents that dominated the last Type R’s design.

Placed side-by-side with the previous Type R, the 2023 model looks smoother and more like a performance sleeper than a boy racer like the last car. The new car’s front end is cleaner and more restrained and gives the 2023 Type R a more grown-up look than its predecessor. The sides are still sculpted, and there’s no mistaking that this is a different kind of Civic, but there’s less shouting going on here.

2023 Honda Civic Type R Camo Red Rear Quarter View

Honda ditched the large vents on the rear bumper and cleaned up the Type-R’s taillight design, but the rear wing spoiler is impossible to ignore. The car’s hatchback shape makes a standard decklid spoiler awkward to implement, so Honda opted to mount the wing higher up, with attachment points on either side of the rear window. The spoiler also appears to be on adjustable brackets, so there could be some ability to tilt the wing for better performance at various speeds.

Nothing is known about the 2023 Type R’s powertrain at this time, but recent rumors have suggested that the new car will see a hopped-up version of the standard car’s 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine. That said, there is an outside chance that Honda will add hybrid power to the car, which could bring all-wheel drive and a significant boost in power. We say outside chance because a hybrid drivetrain and power sent to all four wheels would represent a substantial departure from the front-engine, front-drive formula that made the Type R a street legend.

Trusted publications and the author’s speculation are the sources of information in this article. It was accurate as of October 4, 2021, but it may have changed since that date. Always confirm product details and availability with the automaker’s website or your local dealership.

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