New Photos Tease Ford Bronco Raptor Details

Chris Teague | Nov 09, 2021

Though the Ford Bronco remains in high demand with a months-long waitlist, the mystery around it is gone. We know what it looks like, what it comes with, and what powers it. Instead of sitting around, the internet immediately turned its attention to the rumored Bronco Raptor, which Ford confirmed in a teaser video not long ago. Now, we have our most transparent look at the SUV to date, thanks to The Bronco Nation and its roots in the Ford world.

Ford Bronco Raptor Front Quarter View Bronco Nation

Photo: Bronco Nation

The images posted to the Bronco enthusiast site are by far the most straightforward look at the Bronco Raptor yet. Previously, there were dozens of spy shots, grainy video with questionable audio, and a tantalizingly detail-free official teaser video from Ford. To be fair, there aren’t any new details released in The Bronco Nation’s post, either, but the crystal-clear images will be good enough for most.

In the photos, we can see that the Bronco Raptor’s design follows in the footsteps of the F-150 Raptor and Ranger Raptor before it. That means a strikingly familiar shape with a bevy of off-road accouterments that include wide flared fenders, 37-inch tires, and amber LED running lights—a departure from the standard Bronco’s traditional LEDs. Underneath, we can see skid plates and underbody armor to protect the SUV’s sensitive driveline components from damage caused by rocks and obstacles on the trail. As The Bronco Nation notes, the Raptor will ride on beefier suspension, though we don’t know the exact setup just yet.

Like its F-150 Raptor counterpart, the Bronco Raptor is expected to feature a powerful turbocharged EcoBoost V6 engine. Power output should be similar, which would bring around 350 horsepower to the SUV. Ford has confirmed a Raptor R version of the F-150, which will bring more firepower and more hardcore off-road capabilities, so there’s a possibility we could see an evolved Bronco Raptor in the future.

If you’re wondering how The Bronco Nation got its hands on so many images of the highly sought-after Bronco Raptor, it’s because the community is recognized and certified by Ford, so it gets exclusive looks and other information before anyone else. Before the standard Bronco’s official launch, the site carried similar shots, and its forums were hopping with rumors, so it’s a great place to keep an eye if you’re a fan of the Ford Bronco.

The Bronco Nation is the source of information for this article. It was accurate on November 9, 2021, but it may have changed since that date.

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