New and Used Cooper Convertible Prices, MINI Cooper Convertible Model Years and History

MINI Cooper Convertible Models

2020 MINI Convertible trims

2020 Convertible

Nothing says cute quite like the 2020 Mini Cooper Convertible, decked out for comfort, one-of-a-kind style, and many happy miles on the road.

2019 MINI Convertible trims

2019 Convertible

What’s better than a Mini? One that has a powered-retractable soft-top, so you can enjoy the wind in your hair!

2018 MINI Convertible trims

2018 Convertible

What could make the stylish Mini even more enticing? A soft-top automated convertible, that’s what.

2017 MINI Convertible trims

2017 Convertible

The compact and petite Mini Cooper Convertible comes nicely outfitted and offers impeccable fuel economy so you can enjoy the wide-open road ahead.

2016 MINI Cooper Convertible trims

2016 Cooper Convertible

The uniquely styled Mini Cooper brings compactness to a graceful, elegant and curvy design that’s both modern and posh.

2015 MINI Cooper Convertible trims

2015 Cooper Convertible

Fun, zippy, stylish and sporty are all features to laud with the Mini cooper Convertible, which offers plenty of interior and exterior amenities to please the most scrupulous of compact car buyers.

2014 MINI Cooper Convertible trims

2014 Cooper Convertible

Carried over for the current model year, the 2014 MINI Cooper Convertible is a compact, soft-top convertible that delivers a fun ride.

2013 MINI Cooper Convertible trims

2013 Cooper Convertible

All the classic styling of the MINI with miles of headroom, the 2013 MINI Cooper Convertible is an entertaining vehicle that is hard to beat.

2012 MINI Cooper Convertible trims

2012 Cooper Convertible

A compact soft-top, the 2012 MINI Cooper Convertible is available in a 208 hp producing John Cooper Works trim level.

2011 MINI Cooper Convertible trims

2011 Cooper Convertible

A compact soft-top, the 2011 MINI Cooper Convertible combines all of the fun-to-drive aspects of the original MINI with miles of headroom.

2010 MINI Cooper Convertible trims

2010 Cooper Convertible

The 2010 MINI Cooper Convertible is a four-passenger compact sports car which features a power-retractable soft-top for open-air motoring fun.

2009 MINI Cooper Convertible trims

2009 Cooper Convertible

Top-down motoring adds to the fun in the 2009 MINI Cooper Convertible without compromising the handling and fuel economy of the hardtop.

2008 MINI Cooper Convertible trims

2008 Cooper Convertible

The two-door 2008 MINI Cooper Convertible is a sporty car that provides sun and fun regardless of which engine you choose; the 115 hp or the 168 hp 1.6L four-cylinder.

2007 MINI Cooper Convertible trims

2007 Cooper Convertible

A sporty two-door four-passenger soft-top convertible, the 2007 MINI Cooper Convertible is a well-handling and fun retro-inspired car.

2006 MINI Cooper Convertible trims

2006 Cooper Convertible

A compact four-seater, the 2006 MINI Cooper Convertible is a sporty two-door offered in the base trim or the higher-performance S version.

2005 MINI Cooper Convertible trims

2005 Cooper Convertible

A new version of the popular compact sports car, the 2005 MINI Cooper Convertible arrives this year offering top-down motoring fun for up to four passengers.

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About Cooper Convertible

The Cooper Convertible received updated front and rear fascias, a slight increase in horsepower for some trims (S and others), and some minor instrument gauge and interior amenity tweaks for 2005. Changes to trims and packages, like the added Checkmate package, earmarked the only differences for 2006. In 2007, a new Sidewalk package was added that offered a signature interior with a Harmon Kardon audio system. The addition of auto up/down windows were the only changes made for 2008. A redesigned Cooper Convertible was introduced in 2009, featuring a faster turbo-boosted engine, with major updates made inside and out.

2010 yielded no major changes, but 2011 saw slightly improved horsepower, cosmetic updates on the interior and exterior, and HD radio offered standard. 2012 saw minor additions to trims and packages, like the Mini Yours performance enhanced trim, while 2013 saw the addition of Bluetooth/iPod/USB integration, now offered as a standard feature. The Cooper Convertible would pass into 2014 basically unchanged.