5 Fun Facts You Might Not Know About the 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe

Liz Kim | May 28, 2021

The 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe is a 5-passenger midsize crossover positioned between the all-new 2022 Tucson and the larger 3-row Palisade in the automaker's extensive SUV lineup. With plenty of room for a family of four, the perfectly sized sport-ute easily ferries kids and their things in style. 

Hyundai gives the Santa Fe a significant refresh for 2021, adding a new luxury-themed Calligraphy trim level to the existing SE, SEL, and Limited models. New engines debut, too, including a 191-horsepower 2.5-liter 4-cylinder, a turbocharged version of that engine producing 277 hp, and a gas-electric hybrid offering 255 hp and up to 34 mpg. Next year, a plug-in hybrid version arrives. 

But it's not 2022 just yet. So, in the meantime, here are five things you might not know about this stylish, affordable, and practical utility vehicle. 

Fun Fact 1: Luxury? It's subjective. - Find the best Hyundai deals!

2021 Hyundai Santa Fe Calligraphy White Front Quarter View

For 2021, Hyundai adds the top-shelf Calligraphy trim level to the Santa Fe lineup. 

It adds a fancier grille and lighting elements, along with big 20-inch alloy wheels. But what really impresses is the interior. Beautifully rendered Nappa premium leather is perforated and quilted for textural interest on the seats and door panels, while a color-coordinated faux-suede headliner and ambient lighting further set the mood.

The Santa Fe Calligraphy looks, feels, smells, and drives like a luxury SUV. But is it? That depends on how you define luxury.

Fun Fact 2: Lends a remotely-controlled hand with parking. - Find the best Hyundai deals!

Have you ever needed to squeeze your car into a garage parking space or extract it when some jerk parks too close at the mall? Hyundai has a solution for this, and it's called Remote Smart Park Assist (RSPA).

Granted, the version available for the Santa Fe isn't particularly sophisticated compared to what you get in a Genesis (Hyundai's luxury brand). But for a mainstream midsize SUV, it's still pretty cool. That's because RSPA allows you to remotely control the Santa Fe while standing outside of the SUV, the vehicle autonomously driving forward and back in a straight line with no one in the driver's seat.

Fun Fact 3: Provides an extra set of eyes. - Find the best Hyundai deals!

2021 Hyundai Santa Fe Calligraphy Gray Rear Quarter View

For the Santa Fe, Hyundai offers a comprehensive suite of advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) to help you avoid collisions. This list includes remarkable features that you might not expect in this class. 

Take, for instance, the Junction Turning Detection system. When you're turning left across traffic at an intersection, this technology detects approaching traffic and will warn the driver and apply the brakes if he or she attempts to make an unsafe left turn.

The Santa Fe also features Safe Exit Assist. As you're exiting the SUV after you've parked on the street, this technology alerts you if it senses that a car or bicyclist may be coming up on the left. It may even lock the door to prevent you from swinging it open.

Blind-spot View Monitor is also available for the Santa Fe. This system provides a live video view of what's on either side of the SUV when you signal a lane change. The video appears within the Santa Fe's digital instrumentation cluster.

Fun Fact 4: Helps you remember your most important package. - Find the best Hyundai deals!

Rear-seat reminder systems are becoming more commonplace in vehicles. Typically, if you've opened a rear door before setting off on a drive, it will chime and provide a visual reminder to check the back seat before departing the vehicle. Ultimately, the goal is to prevent a parent from leaving a child in the back seat.

Every 2021 Santa Fe comes with this feature, but the Limited and Calligraphy boast an even more sophisticated ultrasonic rear-seat reminder system. An ultrasonic sensor continues to check for movement in the rear seat after you've left the vehicle, and, should something stir, like a baby who was sleeping but now isn't, the system springs into action.

In this situation, it will honk the SUV's horn, flash the lights, and send the owner an urgent text message to go and check the back seat. The ultrasonic sensor is active and detects movement for up to 24 hours after locking and leaving the Santa Fe. 

Fun Fact 5: Change your mind? You have options. - Find the best Hyundai deals!

2021 Hyundai Santa Fe Calligraphy Interior Tan Leather

Everyone knows about Hyundai's industry-leading warranty coverage. Many people know that every new Hyundai includes complimentary scheduled maintenance and free Blue Link connected services for the first three years of ownership. But not many people know about Hyundai's 3-Day Worry-Free Exchange. 

Here's how this works. If, after your purchase or lease, you decide the vehicle you chose is just not right for you, Hyundai allows you to bring it back to the dealer and exchange it for another Hyundai. This exchange plan is a part of what the automaker calls Hyundai Owner Assurance.

Don't try to get away with shenanigans; there are limitations. For example, they won't take the vehicle back if it's damaged or modified in any way or if you've put more than 300 miles on the odometer. But this offer certainly can help impulse buyers who decide they've chosen poorly.

Hyundai is the source of information in this article. It was accurate as of May 26, 2021, but it may have changed since that date. Always confirm product details and availability with the automaker's website or your local dealership.

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