What is Volkswagen Car-Net?

Jessica Shea Choksey | Nov 09, 2021

Volkswagen Car-Net is an app-based in-car suite of connected services that integrates various convenience, diagnostic, and safety features to make the VW vehicle ownership experience better overall. It was first introduced in 2014 and has since become faster and more sophisticated, implementing new functionalities and technology upgrades.

Volkswagen Car-Net Remote Access

How Does VW Car-Net Work? - Find the best Volkswagen deals!

A driver can engage the VW Car-Net system in three ways: via in-car dedicated buttons in the overhead console, by visiting the VW Car-Net Web portal, or through the VW Car-Net Mobile App. Car-Net is available by subscription across the Volkswagen model line and offers all its capabilities as standard features. It offers four primary areas of service and functionality: Remote Access, Safe & Secure, Hotspot, and Guide & Inform.

Remote Access

Car-Net Remote Access allows owners to interact with their vehicle remotely via the mobile app. Key features include remote engine start and stop, remote door lock and unlock, remote honk and flash of lights, last parked location, and remote vehicle information, including fuel-level status and mileage readings.

On the navigation front, drivers can send destinations or points of interest directly to the vehicle from the app. This capability pre-programs the driving route ahead of any planned around-town errands or family road trips. Also, the Parking Information feature can help locate off-street parking, either in local proximity or near a pre-determined point of interest. The app will also provide hours of operation and pricing information for the parking facility.

Vehicle health reports are a quick and easy way for owners to remotely receive diagnostic information about their vehicles. Each month, a comprehensive report is automatically generated and is sent directly to the owner’s email. Owners can also access vehicle health information anytime through the mobile app and schedule a service visit whenever needed.

Another innovative remote access feature is called DriveView. This program allows owners to monitor their driving behavior by tracking various night driving, braking, and vehicle-speed metrics. Together, these and other factors result in an overall driving score visible within the mobile app. Based on this score, Car-Net users may be eligible for discounted rates from certain auto insurance companies that partner with Volkswagen on the DriveView program.

Safe & Secure

The Car-Net Safe & Secure pillar provides peace of mind to owners with an array of features:

  • Roadside assistance: Sends help by pressing the “wrench” button on the overhead console or in the mobile app
  • Information assistance: Engages a Car-Net agent for support needs and account services
  • Emergency assistance: Puts the driver in contact with the Car-Net service center, who can direct emergency responders to the vehicle’s location and notify the user’s emergency contact (accessed through the SOS button in the car)
  • Automatic crash notification: Notifies an operator who can quickly contact first responders in the event of a collision
  • Anti-theft alert: Sends a push notification to the user if the vehicle’s anti-theft alarm is triggered
  • Stolen-vehicle location assistance: Assists law enforcement with locating a stolen vehicle

In addition, Family Guardian services include several alert-based functionalities, including:

  • Speed alert: Notifies the owner when the vehicle exceeds the pre-determined maximum speed limit
  • Boundary alert: Lets the owner know when the vehicle has traveled outside a pre-set virtual boundary
  • Curfew alert: Notifies the owner if the car is driven while a pre-set curfew is in effect
  • Valet alert: Sends a warning to the owner if the vehicle is driven more than 0.2 miles from the valet drop-off location

The Car-Net app sends notifications to designated primary and secondary users. Notifications will arrive in the form of text messages, emails, or push notifications.


Car-Net Hotspot operates at 4G LTE-enabled speed. It provides access to the internet for up to four connected devices simultaneously, including tablets, smartphones, laptops, and gaming devices.

Guide & Inform

The Car-Net Guide & Inform pillar provides an enhanced in-car experience through a factory-installed navigation system. Aside from navigation and maps, this system also drives infotainment features, allowing access to traffic reports, fuel prices, sports scores, movie times, and weather data.


Volkswagen Car-Net is an all-encompassing connectivity system that enhances the driving experience in a multi-faceted way. It is a one-stop hub for VW owners to manage all aspects of their vehicle, from safety to convenience to diagnostics.

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